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Stitching Service

Online Shopping is so much of fun! Customers get what they like in just few clicks and taps on a palm-sized gadget while sitting in the comfort of their home or while catching up with their friends anywhere or even while taking a short office break! Now a days Customers can also get garments customized- for example, while buy a Saree from an e-commerce site, Customers no need to rush at local tailor for getting the blouse stitched; that service too, is offered by most of the well-established websites.

After the boom of Online Shopping, it has been easier for Indian women located anywhere in the world to get their hands on the latest styles of sarees, lehengas and other forms of ethnic wear as well as other indigenous stuff that keeps them rooted to their culture. And while you buy festive and casual ethnic wear garments online, you would love to have them with proper fitting. Choosing the ‘Custom Tailoring’ services for saree blouses, lehengas and salwar suits is always a good idea to get more benefits from online shopping.


How to take measurements online?

The final fit of your garments depends upon the accuracy of the measurements that you provide. Hence it is extremely important to send the right dimensions. Here are general guidelines for taking the measurements with higher accuracy while opting for stitching services online.

  • Take help from someone- you can make blunders while taking your own measurements, so it is always better to have someone else, say a friend or your spouse help you with the process. Even better, stand in front of the mirror so that you too can monitor the process.
  • Wear a similar garment- if you’re opting for the saree blouse stitching service, then it is better to wear a saree blouse while filling in your size details. Dimensions noted while wearing a western top, T-shirt or a salwar kameez may not be right.
  • Know your comfort level- some prefer loose fitted garments while some prefer extremely tight ones. Keep a margin with the measure tape accordingly.
  • Check the fabric details- for thicker fabrics like Dhupion silk you may want to have a breathable fit and hence go easy with the width.


Below we Guide How to take measurements for Saree Blouse?

Here’s a step-by-step method of taking apt measurements for saree blouse:

  1.  Bust:Saree Blouse Stitching Bust

    Measuring your chest correctly is of utmost importance because you wouldn’t want to feel choked on wearing your saree blouse. Make a straight loop with the tape exactly round your chest. It is advisable to keep it a little loose. While taking this dimension, make sure you’re wearing a well-fitted inner and also take care that the measure tape does not go slanting at the back.


  2. Lower Bust:Saree Blouse Stitching Lower Bust

    This is basically the circumference of the upper abdomen or the ribs depending on the length of the blouse. Mark the spot where your blouse will end and measure your circumference at the point.


  3. Blouse Length:Saree Blouse Stitching Blouse Length

    To get the length of the blouse right; start from the top of your shoulder, up to the point where you want the blouse to end. Make sure that the measure tape falls completely straight.


  4. Arm Hole:Saree Blouse Stitching Arm Hole

    For this dimension, take the measure tape round your arm pit. It is advisable to keep the loop 0.5 to 0.75 inches loose here so that the garment does not restrict your hand movements. But do not keep it very loose because that will lead to unnecessary gatherings near your chest.


  5. Shoulder:Blouse Stitching Shoulder

    This detail has to be taken from the back side of your neck, from one edge of the shoulder to another. Keep your chest straight; do not bend or shrink in your shoulders while your frame width is being noted.


  6. Neck Front:

    This depends on the design of your blouse- whether the neck design is closed and narrow or broad. Starting from the shoulders where the neckline will begin, take the measure tape slanting towards the centre-point of your chest, where you want the neckline to end.


  7. Neck Back:Blouse Stitching Neck Back

    The “Neck Back” dimension is similar to the “Neck Front” but it is to be taken on the opposite side. However, the Neck Back Length may be different if you want a blouse with a deep back cut. Even if you want the same length on the front and back, it is advisable to measure the Neck Back separately and not copy the Neck Front measurement to it without practically confirming.


  8. Sleeve Length:Blouse Stitching Sleeve Length

    Start from the edge of your shoulder bone towards your arm. The length of your sleeves depends on two things- the design of the blouse and your personal preference. For some blouses, due to the pattern of the embroidery it may not be possible to have long sleeves so check the design first and then fill in the length details.


  9. Sleeve Width:Blouse Stitching Sleeve Width

    At the point where you want your sleeves to end, take a loop with the measure tape. Keep the loop slightly loose. Since it is a saree blouse you should keep this measurement well-fitted, just loose enough to allow your skin to breathe.


As you follow the above guidelines and steps properly, your measurement details will be accurate which will reflect on the final fit of your saree blouse.