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Half Saree Lehenga

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Buy Traditional South Indian Half Saree Lehenga

The designing features of the half saree lehenga itself are very adoring. Half saree also known as Pavadai Thavani which has three parts namely the blouse, the Lehenga (skirt), and the dupatta (voni). The evolved South India version of the half saree is now fashionably called lehenga. Half saree has a sense of renowned traditional touch to it by new Concept. This piece of beauty has been worn by teenage and women in earlier days.

Originated from South India – this half saree lehenga is quite a rage for the fashionista in the newly trends. The first and most important part of the clothing is the Lehenga which has the silhouette of a petticoat and can be tied using a drawstring. The second element is the Blouse and dupatta which also goes by the name “Voni."